Motor engine oil

Latest technology engine oil for modern and fast cars mostly with petrol engine oil for Dubai also called as Motor Oil, gasoline engine oil and some Asian countries use it as CNG engine oil. We manufacture different grades and blends for different countries to suit their conditions and weather. For Dubai Briton synthetic additives blended with highly bright and fine stock of group III base oil. Equipped and professional approach is making our plant different in UAE oil and lubricants industry. Briton Fully Synthetic engine oil provides advanced protection against oil breakdown and a cleaner and smoother running engine like

Briton engine oil 0w-30 fully synthetic

Engine oil 5w-30

motor oil 5w 30 fully synthetic

engine oil 10w-30

engine oil 5w-40

motor oil 5w 40 fully synthetic


engine oil 5w-40

these are suitable engine oils in Dubai.

Excellent rust, bearing corrosion, anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties. Increased fuel economy benefits, extended vehicle emission control system life enhancer Briton has

motor engine oil 10w-40

motor oil 10w 40 fully synthetic

engine oil 15w-40

motor oil 15w 40 semi synthetic

engine oil 20w-40

motor oil 20w 40 virgin

are highly recommended for Dubai atmosphere. Also as per some countries and conditions requires mono grades so we produce

Engine oil SAE 30

motor oil sae 30 virgin

Engine oil SAE 40

motor oil sae 40 virgin

Engine oil SAE 50

motor oil sae 50 virgin

blended in group II and mineral base stocks. Compatibility with all major cars manufacturers requirement as per latest engine models. It is supreme quality synthetic heavy duty engine oil developed to provide the highest standard of lubricant reliability and protection for automobile engines and meets the requirements SAE and API standards.