briton marine oil

Marine oils

Briton lubricants are an example setter position in marine lubrication with its marine lubricants range which includes Marine trunk piston oil, Marine oils and Marine cylinder oils. Briton marine oil especially designed for Dubai market to suite price and demand of the cylinder lubrication of slow speed 2-stroke diesel engines when running with low sulfur fuel. It is a result from the latest innovation in additive component technology.

Our range of Briton marine includes Marine Cylinder oil BBN 25, Marine Cylinder oil BBN 40, Marine Cylinder oil BBN 70 and Marine Cylinder oil BBN 100. Briton marine shines with its developed range of Trunk piston Oil like Briton trunk piston oil BTP-33, Briton trunk piston oil BTP-43, Briton trunk piston oil BTP-303, Briton trunk piston oil BTP-304 and Briton trunk piston oil BTP-LNG. BRITON LNG is trunk piston engine oil used for medium speed gas engines burning 100% natural gas. BRITON trunk piston LNG is a new generation of low ash lubricant specifically developed to extend oil drain interval and to protect gas engines. Developed for Dubai where the most severe conditions, high temperature and reduce oil sump tank capacity are very common.

Briton Marine system oils are especially designed for the crankcase lubrication of slow speed 2 stroke crosshead Diesel engines. Our marine system oils are Briton marine D 2005, Briton marine D 3005, and Briton marine D 4005 and in mono grade we have Briton MT 30 and Briton MT 40. Briton MT 30 and 40 mono-grade engine oils are suitable for highly rated high speed diesel engines with low prices as required for Dubai market.