Transmission Fluid

Briton ATF

Briton ATF Dex III (Automatic Transmission Fluid) is a universal oil suitable for all types of automatic transmission. These may with and without controlled torque converter lock up clutch which are required for transmission fluid type Dexron III. This is manufactured using synthetic base oil and advanced additives which provide guaranteed protection to the gearbox. Fast gear takeoff is offered by superior fluid compressibility and excellent hydraulic properties for smooth automatic gear changes.

Key Features

  • Enhanced thermal stability even at low temperature in the winter.
  • High viscosity index.
  • High control over wear, rust and corrosion to ensure long life of the moving parts.
  • Excellent fluidity at low temperature ensures good starting.
  • Excellent protection against oxidation, foaming, low temperature sludge and high temperature deposits.


  • Dex III
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