Marine Oil

Briton Marine Oil 2T

Briton Marine Oil 2T is best for diesel engines. This is a 2-stroke outboard oil. It’s designed for lubrication of slow speed 2 stroke crosshead diesel engines. This is ideal for crankshaft lubrication, oil cooled pistons and shaft bearing lubrication. It maintains good detergency level. This two-stroke engine oil maintains thermal stability and extends good anti-oxidant characteristics. This fuel economy marine oil is proudly produced in the UAE and offered at very competitive price. It meets the modern JASO standards.

Key Features

  • Excellent capacity for water separation.
  • Enhanced features for insoluble separation.
  • Good anti-wear properties oil.
  • Extends high resistance to foaming wear.


  • SAE GRADE: 30 API: TC W3

Technical Data

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