Diesel Engine Oil 15W-50 Virgin

15w50 Diesel engine oil Briton Super 5L

Briton Diesel Engine Oil 15W-50 is extra high performance diesel engine oil that provides excellent lubrication of today’s diesel engines promoting extended engine life. Briton Diesel Engine Oil 15W-50 combines a blend of high performance base stocks with a progressive additive system to provide superior control of oil thickening due to soot build-up and high temperatures as well as outstanding resistance to oxidation, corrosion, and high temperature deposits.

Product Description


  • API: CJ, CH-4, CF-4,CD
  • ACEA: A3/B4, E7


  • Reduced sludge build-up, deposits and viscosity increase.
  • Deposit control and acid neutralization.
  • Wear protection and viscosity control.
  • Cleaner engines and longer component life.
  • Improved viscosity control and used oil pump ability.
  • Start-up wears protection.
  • One engine oil for mixed fleet operations

Typical Properties

Properties Unit Method Value
Kinematic Viscosity @40oC mm2/s ASTM D445 190
Kinematic Viscosity @100oC mm2/s ASTM D445 19.5
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 118
Total Base Number mg KOH/g ASTM D974 6.8
Flash Point oC ASTM D92 221
Pour Point oC ASTM D97 -28
Density @ 15 oC Kg/L ASTM D1298 0.884

Packing Size: 1L, 4L, 5L, 20L, 205L

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