Brake Fluid

  • Briton Brake fluid Use only in its concentrated form out of a previously unopened or well-sealed container
  • Always seal the container immediately after use as the fluid absorbs moisture from the atmosphere quite rapidly; this will reduce service life significantly.
  • Never reuse drained brake fluid.
  • Brake fluid can affect the vehicle paintwork, so remove spills immediately without rubbing.
  • Brake fluid should be drained from the vehicle every two years or 40,000 Km (24,000 Miles) and refilled.
  • Check Owners Operators Manual for details.

Safety & Handling

Briton Brake Fluid is stable in ambient conditions, non-corrosive and it can be stored in mild steel containers.

Product Description


  • Long fluid life and long break life
  • Exceptional oxidation stability and resistance to chemical deterioration
  • Excellent flow properties at low start-up temperatures and high operating temperatures
  • Excellent lubricating characteristics for quiet operation, smooth shifting, and excellent wear protection
  • Extended life and reliability of brake system components excessive thinning in severe high-temperature service or thickening at low starting temperatures
  • Dependable protection against rust and corrosion


Properties Unit Typical Test Result
Boiling Point [min] °C 245
Kinematic Viscosity 20°C [mm2/s] 14.5-17
Solidifying Point °C <-70
Flash Point °C >118
Ignition Temperature °C Approx. 230
Density 20°C g/cm3 1.04-1.07


Ø API:           Dot-4

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